Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NorCal OG Earwax on Houdini Kush

Whaaaat Up!

hello there. i don't know how you found this little gem of a blog but you did, Now enjoy My Nugs…

I got some of this insane earwax(post soon) from a homie of mine that just smelled like the strongest, heaviest, pungent, piney, fresh, OH JEBUS. I was out of charcoal at the moment so i grabbed the good ol triple-perc ROOR and little Houdini OG as a green screen. I almost blacked out after taking this bong-rip hence the cut off.

Organix is Vegan, Organic, Sugar-Free, Hash, Kief, and Hash Oil Capsules. Ask for them at your local medical dispensary!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Back! Purple Kush

Hello friends
Old and New
My Nugs highly welcomes you.

My Nugs is a blog dedicated to showing you the best medical cannabis and concentrates one could find in the state of California. I do not sell any of this medicine, i buy it for my personal medical usage.

Without further ado here are My Nugs…

Purple Kush

Purple Kush

Just by looking at this strain I'm sure you could see how strong it is. You could barely see the leaves because it's covered in so many Trichomes! Bling Bling. It tastes just like a fine purple should taste… Fruit Loops(Only the Purple Kind.) This stuff is a very heavy indica that will knock you out if not properly smoked so be careful smoking this during the day or you might find yourself napping quite frequently while hanging with Mr Purple Kush.
Look: 9.3 Smell: 9.3 Taste: 9.3 High: 9.5 Overall: 9.4

Monday, December 10, 2007

Poopey Wax

That's right. Poopey Earwax. It's actually OG Kush but the person who has it insisted that i call it Poopey Wax on this blog. This stuff was fucking amazing. Tasted like a milkshake from In-N-Out. Just look at that shit... It's fucking outta control! Possibly the first wax I've ever seen that was rock hard. I would love to tell you how this stuff smoked but i took about 3 fatty hits and woke up fully clothed the next morning. So it must have been heavy shit!

Look: 9.7 Smell: 9.0 Taste: 9.3 High: 9.9 Overall: 9.5

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Maui Wowie x Afghooey

Oh man...I can't believe it's been 9 months since I've posted anything. I had so much shit come up over the last few months it's been hectic. A new woman in my life, i moved to a new place, got a new job. And completely forgot about my nugs. I'm back and I hope there's still some of you who check back here. If i start slacking please email me and talk some shit and I'll be on it. I got some video's and some rad nugs up my sleeve so I'll stop boring you with my crap and get back to the good stuff!

This strain is a cross of the famous "Maui Wowie" and Afghooey which is an Afghani cross with Goo. This strain is very fruity and has a heavy medicinal taste on top of it all almost like cough syrup. This is a strain i love to smoke when I'm sick with the Irish flu, Nothing gets rid of a hangover better. It's usually very sticky and pretty dark in color. This batch was a bit different than most because it was Afghani dominant and completely organic! The downside is the effect goes away very quickly. So be ready to smoke alot of this stuff if you want to stay high. I know i did.

Look: 8.3 Smell: 9.0 Taste: 9.0 High: 6.5 Overall: 8.0

I love all of you! Please check back soon for an update you wont be disappointed.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Purple Erkle

Now this is not my favorite purple strain, but it is a great example of just how purple some strains could get. The Erk is a parent to the Grandaddy, Princess Purple and many other strains. Very fruity taste and smell and great long lasting effects.

Look: 9.5 Smell: 9.2 Taste: 9.5 High: 9.5 Overall: 9.4

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Number One Hundred

Sooo... This is post #100. Wow it hasn't even been 6 months. Thats pretty damn good i would say. I have been doing this all on my own this whole time and hope to keep it that way. Thank you all for sticking around and heres a Mega-Post for sticking with me.


OG Kush Wax
Great smoke. Not completely cured but what is nowadays. Really heady oil. Tastes awesome. It's changed color completely in the last few days so i know it's gettin better.

Caramel Goo
Yummy is all that comes to mind when i see this stuff. I think i might have smoked it all on accident thinking it was something else after taking this picture. But it had a great taste, smell and high. Almost flawless. But it could of been cured sooo much better. After 2 weeks it was the ill.

Mango Wax
This stuff is almost just like the OG wax but just a little tastier. Cured Better. But i didn't get as much to play with. I think this one was just a little bit better but give the OG a few weeks and it will be right up there.


Diesel x Afghani
Pretty nice smoke. I smoked alot of this stuff in blunts mixed with hash and it was a great mixer. Not the greatest smoke on its own but still a good one.
Look: 8 Smell: 7.6 Taste: 7.5 High: 8 Overall: 7.5

Russian Kush
The russian is my favorite of the masses. This stuff has a one of a kind taste and high. It might not look like the craziest kush but once you give it a smoke you will know exactly how great it is, of the hizzle. This one is the real deal. i will have better pictures soon. not to worry.
Look: 9 Smell: 9.5 Taste: 10 High: 9.5 Overall: 9.8

Strawberry Cough
This is a very heavy sativa i got to counter the kush and it's been doin me right in the mornings. Incense like aroma. Very piney taste. Overall reat smoke, Great strain. I need more, more!
Look: 9 Smell: 8.5 Taste: 9.5 High: 9.5 Overall: 9.5

Massive Russian Melt Kief Bongrip

OG Kush Oil on Afghooey Hash

Purple Trichomes On Afghani Diesel

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

5 concentrate meltdown

Chemdog Jelly, Afgoo Full melt, Purple Bubble, Buddhas Earwax, and George W Kush Oil.
i recorded this video a few days ago and forgot about it until a second ago. Fucking killer mix.